Car Storage Tips Store your Car For A Long Period

Published: 26th February 2009
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There are numerous things that you require to stay in mind to keep your car in fine condition during storage. You will discover the following instructions very helpful for this. The idea is to acquire your car set for the storage in order to make certain maximum protection and security for your car so that the next time you take it out, you discover it in as fine condition as it is now. A storage forum is a great place where you can get plenty of information on how to prepare your car for lasting storage.

Gas Tank Must Be Full

The finest advantage of keeping your gas tank full is that it considerably reduces the amount of water that the gasoline can absorb. Moreover, when the gas tank is full, the gasoline also tends to vanish at a much slower rate. For improved consequences, you may also like to use additives like Dry Gas or Sta-Bil. But, just adding an additive is not enough. You will have to mix it properly. The finest methods to do this is to run your car for a minute or two so that it is mixed throughout the engine system.

What To Do With Dirty Oil

Make certain that you change the oil before you put your car into the storage system for a long time. Parting the unclean oil as it is in the car might cause corrosion within the engine. Also that, it may even cause early bearing breakdown. In fact, if the period for that you are storing your car is extremely long, remove the spark plugs. Like so, the piston rings will not corrosion to the cylinder walls.

How To Protect The Engine Area From Rust

One of the finest ways to guard the engine area from corrosion is to hide all exposed metal surfaces with a lubricant spray. For instance, WD40 can be a good lubricant spray for this spray. After you spray the same, it evaporates soon while leaving behind a defensive film on the carb body, coils, and hose clamps.

Convertible Top

If your car has a convertible top, it will be improved to leave it up as if you leave it folded for a long period, it can develop nasty creases, particularly throughout winter. At the similar time, it is also extremely vital for you to make certain that you keep the vents and windows closed so that the rodents don't enter your car. If there is a possibility of the car storage area getting damp or humid, you must place a few desiccant sacs inside the car. This will guard the interiors from getting damaged because of moisture.

in general, if you keep in mind the above instructions, you can provide best shield to your car through long periods of storage. You are also advised to join a storage forum for more instructions on how to keep your car in good condition while it is stored for a long time in a car storage system. A forum will also assist you choose the best car storage system based on your specific requirements.

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